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Alpina T15 NNN XC Ski Boot

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It is often argued that boots are the most important piece of equipment when it comes to ski gear. We'd venture to agree with that statement. They are the piece of gear that is directly interfacing with you as the skier and therefore, proper fit, performance and comfort are all of paramount importance in order to keep you going all day long. There often can be a bit of a compromise between comfort and performance the more you sway towards one or the other. In other words, it can be difficult to find a comfort-oriented boot that provides sufficient performance, and it can be difficult to find a performance-oriented boot that offers a truly comfort oriented fit. The Alpina T15 aims to blend both comfort and performance for leisurely skiers that don't demand quite the stiff flex and high level of support as a more advanced aggressive skier. You still get great support, thanks to the rigid ankle wrap around the top and rear of the cuff, but you'll still have some great fore and aft range of motion along with it. Built with Alpina's 2-component sole, these work with any binding system outside of SNS and 3-pin bindings. It also allows for easier walking and a more rigid flex at the bottom of the boot so you get really smooth energy transfer from your boot into the ski during the kick and glide portion of your stride. Maybe you're ready to graduate from your lower profile boots with little to no ankle support or maybe you just want a nice balanced boot overall. In either case, the Alpina T15 would be a fantastic choice.