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Bike Repairs

Bike Repairs

The Classic Tune


Includes adjustments of the brakes, shifting, headset, and minor wheel truing, as well as a torque check on all bolts on the bike

Comprehensive Tune


Includes everything in the classic as well as chain and cassete cleaning 

in our ultrasonic cleaner and a comprehensive wheel truing

Annual Tune


Includes everything in the comprehensive as well as ultrasonic cleaning for derailleurs and cranks and installation labor for tires, cables, housing(not including internal routing), and brake pads

Annual Tune Plus


Includes everything in our Annual Tune but adds bleeding both front and back hydraulic brakes

Spa Treatment



Includes everything in our annual tune plus as well as overhauling hubs headsets and bottom bracket. New cable and housing is included as well as your pick of new grips/bar tape (up to $40 value)