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Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Did you know we've been selling and repairing E-Bikes here in Burlington, Vermont since 1996, despite electric bikes seeming like the latest innovation in the cycling world?  

In the years we've worked on and sold electric bicycles our service technicians have been certified to work on Brose, Shimano, Currie and Bosch electric systems as well as all related components, making us the best place in Vermont to buy and service your electric bikes! Electric bikes help commuters get to work without breaking a sweat, they allow riders to go further than ever before, and they let anyone with knee or joint issues to get back on a bicycle and have some fun! Climb hills, out-pace your friends, and keep a smile on your face with a new Electric Bike.   

We have a large variety of electric bikes to check out in our shop that are perfect for anything from commuting to work, riding the Burlington Bike Path, or even taking on local mountain biking trails.  Stop by our store to see all of the options and find the perfect electric bike for you!

The new 2021 Gazelle Arroyo is a great example of an e-bike that can do it all!

Extra powerful and silent Bosch mid-mounted motor is ideal for day-to-day trips as well as long distance rides. The motor provides effortless assistance, on both flat and hilly terrain.

Electric bicycle brands we carry:

Check out our selection of electric bikes!