Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals


Bike Rentals

Enjoy a bike ride along the Burlington, Vermont Bike Path and Colchester Causeway. Our shop is located in Burlington, Vermont only four blocks away from Burlington's famous Island Line Trail and just as close to the Burlington to Port Kent, NY ferry.

What's included? Included in the price of the rental is a helmet, flat tire repair kit, bike lock, pannier if needed, and a complimentary bottle of water to stay hydrated on your ride. If you will be riding at night we also include a headlight and taillight at no cost.


Rental Booking Policy: Bookings must be made 24 hours in advance.


Rental Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.


Electric Rental

Booking Duration Price
 1-3 Days $75.00/day
4-8 Days $65.00/day
9+ Days $55.00/day

Kid's Rental


Hybrid Rental

Booking Duration Price
 1-3 Days $35.00/day
4-8 Days $30.00/day
9+ Days $25.00/day

Gravel Rental

Booking Duration Price
 1-3 Days $60.00/day
4-8 Days $55.00/day
9+ Days $50.00/day

Explore Burlington, Vermont Guide


Burlington Bike Path- Island Line Trail

One of the most popular routes is riding along Burlington, Vermont's waterfront bike path called the Island Line Trail. Stop at local restaurants, ride along the causeway and finish your ride off with some ice-cream. 


Colchester Causeway

As you continue your ride down the Island Line Trail you'll find yourself in Colchester. Keep riding past Airport Park and you'll end up on the Colchester Causeway. One of the only places where you can bike in the middle of a lake.



August First

Looking for a quick sandwich before you head out for your ride? Grab some goodies to pack for your adventure at August First. Their bakery is only one block from our shop and offers gluten free options.

Cafe Saint Paul

Just right around the corner from North Star, Cafe Saint Paul has been a lunch time favorite for us at the shop. From great breakfast options, to salads, burgers and sandwiches, you'll be sure to find something delicious. 

Food & Bar

The Spot On The Dock

Located on the Burlington waterfront, close to the bike path, is restaurant and bar 'The Spot'. Enjoy their new outdoor seating patio and listen to live music.


Foam Brewers

Looking for a great local brewery and bar? Foam Brewer's is located by Burlington's waterfront and has a great selection of beer made on site and often has great live music playing. 


Revolution Kitchen

One of the best vegetarian and gluten free restaurant's is Revolution Kitchen. Only a few minutes away from our shop in Burlington and a local favorite.

After Your Ride


Ben & Jerry's

Enjoy an ice-cream after your bike ride with some of Vermont's famous Ben & Jerry's. Their store location is just a few blocks up from our shop on church street. 

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