Charge Up Your Ride!

Charge Up Your Ride!

Have you ever ridden an electric bike? Or have you just heard some of the buzz about electric bikes? The craze is legit, electric bikes are an absolute dream to ride, and allow you to go farther and faster. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about electric bikes.

"Why get an electric bike?"

There are many reasons to get an electric bike (too many to begin to count!) but a few popular reasons people are interested in them are they make great commuter bikes, they allow the cyclist to go farther and explore a lot of terrain, and they're generally fun to ride!

"How does an electric bike work?"

At North Star we sell pedal assist e-bikes, meaning you'll only get a boost if you are pedaling. There are different levels of assist you can choose from depending on the ride you're looking for.

"How fast does an electric bike go?

The average is around 20 miles per hour, however some can get up to 28 miles per hour!

These are just some of the questions about e-bikes, stop in and try one and you'll see why they're such great bikes!


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