Life Fitness Integrity SX Upright Bike

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Comes with the X console

Description Integrity S: Simple; Integrity D: Deluxe
Console Integrity S: C, X, ST, SE3HD; Integrity D: X, ST, SE3HD
Handlebars Integrity S: Racing Handlebars; Integrity D: Deluxe Racing Handlebars, egonomic design w/elbow support
Remote Buttons Integrity S: No; Integrity D: Yes
Saddle Integrity S: Improved Confort Curve™ Seat; Integrity D: Improved Confort Curve™ Seat
Interchangable Seat Integrity S: Yes; Integrity D: Yes
Pedals Integrity S: Wide Ride™ Pedals; Integrity D: Self-Leveling Wide Ride™ Pedals