Blackburn Rear Pannier

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While we love the efficiency and ease of messenger bags and backpacks, we aren't always fans of them sliding around to dangle in front of us or putting undue stress on our backs, respectively. Blackburn designed the Local Rear Pannier to address these concerns by being mountable on any standard rear rack, letting you carry your 8-cell battery, full-sized keyboard laptop to campus without killing your vertebrate.

The interiors boast a healthy capacity of 793 cubic inches (13 liters), which is partitioned into conveniently-sized pockets for safely transporting books, laptops, tablets, and the like. The Pannier is made of 210 denier polyester. While it doesn’t enjoy the nigh-invulnerability of Blackburn's Central Shopper's Pannier, it's durable enough to handle everyday abuse and even a run-in with the asphalt. It's also been given a DWR treatment, so your cargo is protected from the elements as well.

In addition to the internal storage, Blackburn has thoughtfully included a padded exterior pocket for your personal effects — a feature that any cyclist who has orphaned a wallet during a commute or lost a smartphone to the tarmac gods will immediately appreciate. This pocket can also hold your sunglasses (while in class or at the office) and your eyeglasses (while on the road).

Blackburn claims that the Local Rear Pannier is compatible with most standard bike racks, but mating them to Blackburn's own Interlock rack system adds additional security by means of a keyed lock. The pannier includes reflective elements and loops for attaching lights to help keep you visible in low-light conditions.


  • Mounts to any rear rack
  • 793 cu in capacity
  • 210D polyester construction