Road Rental

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Road bicycles can get across town in under a minute, travel from town to town with ease, and allow riders to go hundreds of miles.

Whether you're interested in doing a longer ride, continuing your training regimen on vacation, or just looking to try before you buy, renting a road bike will have you grinning and winning all day long.

Not sure what size bike to get? Below is a sizing guide to see which bike will fit best for you. (Note: Sizing is estimated based only off height. Inseam length may change your size.)

Height Range

Size (cm)

4’10” – 5’2”


5’2” – 5’4”


5’4” – 5’6”


5’6” – 5’9”


5’9” – 5’11”


5’11” – 6’2”


6’2” – 6’5”



We reserve the right to substitute bike rental selection with like-quality model.
Reservations must be made at least 24 hours ahead of pick-up time. Any reservation cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before intended time of rental.